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Need Media Promotion & Exposure?

The "Media Maven" can assist you and your business

with broadcast and print packages! 

Have an upcoming event? Get increased public exposure!

Media Magic owner Gloria Goldstein Limas is a 20 year journalism veteran and trusted industry expert. She has cast her “media magic” on projects throughout California and Texas assisting businesses to reach their maximum promotion potential!

Meet with the ³Media Maven² to strategize and get the best possible coverage on multiple tiers!


* Print Newspaper * Television Broadcast * Print Magazine

Take your business to the next level!

Exposure leads to business growth and you have the opportunity to work with a subject matter expert who thrives on making you shine and your business succeed!


Specializing in the Southern California markets!  We are fully bilingual in Spanish.


* San Diego * Orange County * Los Angeles


Contact us today!

Media Magic Marketing

Gloria Goldstein Limas

Founder & CEO


(858) 245-8902

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd.

Suite 882

San Diego, CA 92130



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